Top 3 Programming Languages to learn in 2020

1) Python

2) JavaScript

3) Go

Reasons to learn Python

1. Python can be a good startup to Enter into Programming World as  it is easy to learn and use.
2. It has large standard libraries for various platforms.
3. This is Open-Source language that means anyone can download it from the following link
4. Python’s presence playing major role in number of application domains, some of these are: Web DevelopmentMachine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceData ScienceGUI programming

Reasons to learn JavaScript

1. JavaScript is a client side technology which performs calculations at client side that is helpful for browser to perform repeated task without asking for server time as it takes lot of time for processing with server connection.
2. For different outputs in different browsers JavaScript provides the feature for detection of the user’s browser information.
3. JavaScript is continuously in upgrading state from general to modern by adding number of facilities in terms of security, productivity and accessibility.

Reasons to learn Go

1. Go language is Google’s product having the ability to manage large code with simplicity.
2.  Provides testing facility with writing code simultaneously. This feature saves a lot time because of this Number of organizations have started their projects development in this language. To download Go follow the link
3. Go language specifies its definition by proving “Do More with Less” with the help of its standard library which are further handled by its packages.
4. This is statically typed language. Compiler performs additional tasks in comparison of other programming languages as it also looks for type conversion and compatibility.