Life Skills Training

About the Course

Even after graduating from top institutes, people are still failing in the job market. They either do not get the job they deserve or they are not employable for the job they dream of. Students are working hard, scoring good grades but still failing to meet the expectations of the corporates.  This is probably because the college campuses are totally different from the corporate campuses.  College fail to teach students the real skills that in necessary to be successful in their career. Corporates hire people for their values, not for their degree. Students spend 3-5 years in college only to get the degree but learns no real life skills. This is not because there are lack of platforms where they can learn new things and explore, but because they are unknown to those skills and knowledge that they should have acquired.

Life Skills has a broad panorama but here we delimit to our students needs and what they yearn for. By attending these exclusive sessions you can have your 5 year life manual , written by you for unvaryingly edging ahead of time.

Style and Approach

Sessions would be reflective and introspective in approach. In each session some tools are given to exercise , some brainstorming would be done and lots of discussions with an end result daily. By every session passing you would become a better version of self.


  • Unique journey of self exploration & aspirations.
  • To figure out How world outside will help me achieve my goals.
  • To be independent in all the spectrums.

Training Duration: 20 Hours / 4 weeks / 5 Days (Bootcamp).

Pre-requisite: Dynamic and ready for change

01 – Introduction to Life Skills
02 – Self Awareness
03 – Critical Thinking
04 – Creative Thinking
05 – Effective Communication
06 – Interpersonal Relationships
07 – People Management
08 – Emotional Intelligence
09 – Coping with Stress
10 – Decision Making
11 – Empathy
12 – Coordination
13 – Problem Solving
14 – Service Orientation
15 – Negotiation
16 – Self Assessment

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