Javascript Advance Training

About the Course

In depth knowledge of JavaScript makes it easier to learn a variety of other frameworks, including React, Angular, and related tools and libraries. This course is designed to help you cover the core JavaScript concepts you need to build modern applications.

Style and Approach

You’ll start by learning how to represent an HTML document in the Document Object Model (DOM). Then, you’ll combine your knowledge of the DOM and Node.js to create a web scraper for practical situations. As you read through further lessons, you’ll create a Node.js-based RESTful API using the Express library for Node.js.


  • Write and deploy full-stack applications efficiently with JavaScript
  • Delve into JavaScript’s multiple programming paradigms
  • Get up to speed with core concepts such as modularity and functional programming to write efficient code

Training Duration: 40 Hours / 2 Months / 5 Days (Bootcamp for working candidates only).

Pre-requisite: Logical mind or any programming language

01- Introduction to JavaScript, HTML, and the DOM
02 – Tools installation
03 – Let’s start with Node.js
04 – Node.js API
05 – Web Scraping
06 – Web API’s
07 – RESTful APIs with Node.js
08 – Middleware & JWT
09 – MongoDB
10 – Modular JavaScript
11 – Code Review
12 – Advanced JavaScript
13 – Asynchronous Programming
14 – Event-Driven Programming
15 – Node.js Built-In Modules
16 – Handling Large Files in Node.js
17 – Database Queries
18 – Labs
19 – Case Studies
20 – Challenges
21 – Project (Documentation & Reporting)

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