Life Skills- urgency to Learn PROBLEM SOLVING

Understanding the urgency to Learn PROBLEM SOLVING !

It is the process of finding solutions not only to difficult or challenging issues but our daily routine is full of facing big- small problems.

Problem solving becomes necessary when one wants to reach a goal but that goal is not easily achievable.

Human problem solving consist of two processes –

  1. Problem – Orientation
  2. Problem – Solving Skills

Problem – Orientation means either we are fully aware about our problem and we have our own assessment of the problem and  have the ability to solve it too. But the orientation could be both constructive or destructive.To reach our goals we need to interpret our problem more clearly.Always have a clearer understanding of problem before you seek a solution. Don’t be in haste. Set up an exact goal /goals and further break down into sub goals before we jump on our solutions.

Problem – Solving Skills is a consolidation of various other skills like

  • Keen Observation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Decision Making-Resilience