Cloud Computing Training

About the Course

Cloud adoption is a core component of digital transformation. Scaling the IT environment, making it resilient, and reducing costs are what organizations want. Architecting Cloud Computing Solutions presents and explains critical Cloud solution design considerations and technology decisions required to choose and deploy the right Cloud service and deployment models, based on your business and technology service requirements.

This training is a journey through the blockchain database, followed by advanced implementations of the blockchain concept.

Style and Approach

Will starts with the fundamentals of cloud computing and its architectural concepts. It then walks you through Cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), deployment models (public, private, community, and hybrid).


  • Learn to choose the most ideal Cloud service model, and adopt appropriate Cloud design considerations for your organization.
  • Leverage Cloud computing methodologies to successfully develop & deploy applications in a cost-effective way.
  • Google Cloud Platform/ Amazon Web Services /Microsoft Azure

Training Duration: 40 Hours / 2 Months / 5 Days (Bootcamp for working candidates only).

Prerequisite: Basic programming & Networking

01 – Introduction Overview
02 – Essential characteristics of Cloud Computing
03 – Configuring Virtual Environment
04 – Baseline Cloud Architectures
05 – Identity and Access Management
06 – EC2 and EBS
07 – Storage
08 – ELB and Autoscaling
09 – Cloudwatch
10 – VPC
11 – Databases
12 – Route 53
13 – Application Services
14 – Elastic Beanstalk
15 – Cloud Formation (Real world usage )
16 – Cloudwatch

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