Digital Marketing Training

Search Engine Optimization

Would you like to be high in Google search engine result and earn more money because of it? If yes then it’s time to take your website from the depths of the Internet. Make your page visible to others by using proven Digital Marketing techniques. Websites without users don’t exist. Gain more visitors by using the secret techniques presented in this course and gain: more money from ads, more money from bought products, more fame/subscribers.

Google Ads – Pay Per Click

Google Ads (formerly Adword) is one of the most effective ways to advertise today with unprecedented reach and potential to show ads to millions of Internet users instantly. It helps in bringing highly relevant ads to customers who are searching in real-time, resulting in highly accountable and cost-effective campaigns that even the smallest advertisers can take advantage of.

Social Media Marketing Training

Ready to take your Website viral? Harness the power of social media with our extensive social media course. Everything from Facebook and Twitter to Blogging and LinkedIn, Social media automation, Youtube videos promotions to Whatapps and Instagram marketing. This training includes, how to do freelance and earn money online by utilizing different Social Media platforms.

Youtube /Video Marketing training

You have a great video, but NOTHING has really happened since you posted it online, right? If you feel useless with your marketing, can’t get your video to show up in Google, YouTube or other Search Engines ?

Content Writing and Marketing Training

Content is king, Content is the key factor that drives the target audience towards your business. Everything from your brand messaging to design elements to content formats – such as text, images, videos and animations – is what appeals your audience and engages them. However, is a singular focus on content enough to sustain a business.

WordPress Web Development Training

Learn how to create a blog site, start writing content, and even use plugins and themes to customize the design of the site and add some unique elements to set it apart. This course included how to create our own themes and plugins. At the end, we teach you how to use WordPress for building non-blog websites.

WordPress SEO Training

WordPress is a powerful platform for creating feature-rich and attractive websites and blogs; but with a little extra tweaking and effort your WordPress site can dominate the search engines and bring thousands of new customers to your blog or business. In this course we will teach you secrets that professional SEO companies use to take websites to the top of search results and proliferate their business.