Digital Marketing

Advance Training in Digital Marketing

About the Course

Would you like to be high in Google search engine results and earn more money because of it? If yes then it’s time to take your website from the depths of the Internet. Make your page visible to others by using proven Digital Marketing techniques. Websites without users don’t exist. Gain more visitors by using the secret techniques presented in this course and gain: more money from ads, more money from bought products, more fame/subscribers.

Style and Approach

A step-by-step, hands-on approach that teaches you to learn online marketing with all the latest premium tools and techniques which helps you make Digital Marketing Expert.


  • Understand the When n WHYs, HOWs & WHATs of Digital Marketing.
  • A detailed course, full of the latest and premium tools for you to be an expert in digital marketing world.

Training Duration: 100 Hours / 3 Months / 1 Month (Bootcamp for working candidates only).

Pre-requisite: Interest, Basic Knowledge of Computers and Internet & Social Media

Course content 1:. Search Engine Optimization

Course content 2:. Google Ads – PayPerClick

Course content 3:. Social Media Marketing

Course content 4:. Affiliate Marketing

Course content 5:. Content Writing and Marketing

Course content 6:. Web Development using WordPress

Course content7:. Perfect Optimized WordPress Site

Add-on :. Project Live Site Auditing (With Documentation & Reporting)

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