Basics Of SEO

Before we start learning about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. It is important to know

What is SEO?

It’s a process of increasing the better visibility of our website or pages. In simple words, when people do search related to your product, you must be seen on the very first page of search. It gets you the desired attention and builds new prospective customers for your business. It saves a spot for you in organic search results.

It is a sub division of Search Engine Marketing. SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the most powerful way to take your business off the floor. We are in an ever expanding and highly challenging market. We see thousands of businesses competing to be viewed by their clients, in such an arena online promotions and advertising is all the more meaningful to grow your business.

SEM and SEO both have their own usefulness. To be more clear and precise before we move ahead by understanding the role each plays.


  • It covers the Paid Advertisements by Google like PPC or Pay Per Click
  • It gives you the clients from the very start of promotions. You’ll start getting relevant clients from day one of your SEM
  • You can start with your shopping ads instantly
  • It helps you to show your client Product — Price — Reviews without waiting for your page to be ranked


  • By SEO, you try to fetch a Free Position in the search market.
  • This needs your true hard work. It is ranked by most relevant content on your website.
  • It gives you permanent traffic.
  • It takes some 6 months to shape up your influence in the industry

In SEO, Google is looking for websites/pages that contain high-quality, related and significant information about the search done by people.

How Google determines the relevance or significance of the website?

Once your website content is ready, Google figures out the relevance by Crawling (reading) your content and assessing it (algorithmically). In case the content is relevant as per the searcher’s requirement, it will accordingly start showing your website name on top 5 pages of search at very initial level. You made your presence here for the first time.

At start what Important SEO Factors you should be careful of –

1.We need a good attractive mobile friendly website to approach our clients. We are talking about basic designing and development.

2. Relevant Content. Without content even with the best looking website we don’t stand a chance. The search and content must be coherent and connected in some way or the other.In other words, content should have relevant

The search evaluation is based on Keywords.

Keywords are the search words we choose wisely to depict the details of our product or services mentioned in the website to optimise our portal.

Some points worth mentioning here are –

Exploring Keywords — You might find hundreds of keywords for ranking your website but opting the relevant keyword is paramount as well as time taking process. There will be a plethora of choices you would be considering. This confuses at initial level but better knowledge of your own product and market trends will help you do the best selection.

A special mention I would like to make here that you must try to find attractive as well as relevant keywords for what your customer might be searching to reach you or your competitors.

Filtering Keywords — By now you have some keywords. You’ll pick a few by identifying the most productive keywords which look promising and help you convert a general person searching google to your client.

Popular or Relevant — You should never be confused in making the choice, it’s always the most relevant or compatible to your website. Popular may not always be relevant.

Ranking a website has many elements to it besides relevant content & keywords. Some additional points are worth a short description here.

Engagement — A very basic feature is your website should make people stay on it. Any visitor should get the correct answer to their search. The more interesting, the better it would help in ranking it to the top all searches.

Avoid Bounce Back — If somehow your website fails to give valid information to its viewers, they will in no time go back to the search page and click on your competitors website. Next time, they might ignore your listing too. Be cautious.

Website Loading Speed –Your website speed contributes a lot to your optimization. Even a second matters! Keeping the website or pages light, simple and informative is the suggestion. It’s always beneficial to be prompt to the visitors. This can in long run a crucial reason for people to frequently visit your website.

Mobile Friendly — Nowadays your client frequently searches for you on mobile phones instead of laptops or desktops. It’s imperative to optimize your site in such a way that your client experience is flawless. Prefer the website which can be easily supported on mobile platforms too and are user friendly.

Unique Content — By now, we know the content rules! So my advice for you to avoid duplicating or identical content. Being original will impress your visitors more.