Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training for all


  • Be vigilant and keep your systems secure before they’re infested

Training Duration: 2 Hours

Course Content

Meet the hackers

Calculate risk

Social Engineering

Which one secure windows/linux/Mac


Update OS, software ,applications or not

World wide worry

Where & How data stores


Network sniffers


Anti-malware is perfect solution free/or paid?

Windows user account permissions

Guest account/Admin account

Wifi/ Free Wifi

Which Email gmail/yahoo

Fake mail

How a link can be dangerous

Suspicious links


Anonymous browsing

Networking, friending, and Info Leaks , shoulder surfing

Sharing pendrives, system

Allowing mail or open pdf file in our system

Password management

Why Don’t search bank sites on google

Damage of Default installation

Crack install or not?

Good bot bad bot

Hidden link in image or in website

Pop Ups

Don’t ignore sudden open or close of apps

Background checks

Tracking suspect activity with logs

And No end….

** 1,000 (Group discount valid for >=4 candidates)

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